How to Attend a Taylor Creek Counselling Session via Internet

  1. We use Zoom online meeting software. Zoom works on computers, tablets, and smartphones. You will have to install the app before you can connect with us. To install Zoom on your end, click on any of our Session ID’s, such as our Demo Session ID 606-310-738. If that fails, click one of these links:
    iPhone or iPad (App Store)
    Android Device (Google Play)
  2. If you get off-track from these instructions, you can type the Session ID in to Zoom to join our demo session.
  3. To attend your real session with your counsellor, you should connect a few minutes before your scheduled appointment. To connect, use your web browser to view our Sessions page by clicking the SESSIONS menu choice. The page looks like this:

Click the 9-digit number (your Session ID) for your scheduled counsellor and time.

Your session is encrypted, preventing any electronic eves-dropper hearing or seeing what you discuss. When you join the session, to guarantee your digital anonymity, you can type in a pseudonym or just use the word “client.”

More info on our service is available in this post.

If you have any questions or technical issues, call us at 343 780 2033.