Tips for Dealing with Procrastination

Dealing with Procrastination – Tips and Tricks

by Suzanne Cattan, Registered Psychotherapist

Suzanne Cattan has Tips for Procrastinators

Have you ever been told to “JUST DO IT?”

Other than by Nike, I mean. Dealing with procrastination, if you are a chronic procrastinator, is a lot tougher than choosing a shoe. Blunt advise like that is not helpful.

As a chronic procrastinator, you:

  • struggle to start projects
  • fail to finish projects
  • are late for work
  • are late for social events
  • skip daily chores
  • do not follow through with relationships
  • fail to meet work-related goals on time
  • put off work-related tasks
  • fail to realize professional help can deal with a serious, happiness-affecting chronic condition
  • suffer from anxiety because of all these shortcomings, which may be related to an underlying psychological issue

Having someone to help you deal with this chronic procrastination is awesome. But when you don’t have anyone at the moment anxiety levels rise, here are some tips for dealing with it alone.

Make Friends with Doer’s

If you were a doer, you would be surrounded with other doer’s. But you’re not. So try to hang out with some of them.

Take Just One Small Step

Be Neil Armstrong. Make one small step feel like a giant leap.

Set Up a Reward System

Treat yourself to something when you get the step done. Then, next time, increase the size or number of steps to earn the reward.

Deal with Procrastination by Making a Public Declaration

Announce your intention on social media, verbally to a friend, or make a poster on your fridge where others can see it.

Schedule a Task, and Don’t Reschedule without Good Reason

Put a date AND TIME on your calendar to perform a specific task or step. Then DO NOT RESCHEDULE unless you have a fire or equivalent.

And finally, if you do reschedule – more than three times – contact me for help in dealing with procrastination.

Suzanne Cattan is a Registered Psychotherapist at the Taylor Creek Counselling Centre

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